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My heart is breaking for my fellow Haitians in DR

Haitians are humans too

Haitians are humans too

My heart is breaking to see how my fellow Haitians are suffering, being mistreated, and looked down on in the DR and some other places. They are being treated like unwanted animals, all in pursuit of a better life for themselves and their children. I have seen some very disturbing pictures and videos of how they are torturing, killing, and throwing Haitians on the side of the roads to be eaten by dogs with no regards for their human rights. No one deserves to be treated in such ways, not only it’s cruel but it’s inhuman.
We all were created by the same God; we have the same blood running down our veins. Why can’t we be one and peacefully cohabit? We are not taking anything away from the natives; we are working hard to earn a decent living for ourselves and our family, we are not disturbing anyone so why can’t we get a fair chance?

Even though we come from one of the poorest countries in the world but we are human beings, with feelings, emotions, we bleed red as everyone else and when we die, we all turn into skeletons like everyone else; so why outcast us as world class villains?

Now is the time for us Haitians everywhere to come together to put an end to our sufferings, to our humiliations and our degradation by loving each other, standing up for each other and proudly hold the Haitian flag in front of everybody. No matter how welcome they make us feel because of our level of education, our social status, or wealth in a foreign country, bear in mind that this is not our home, we are just passengers looking for something better.

It’s time to put hate, envy, greed, and negativity aside and work together to show the world who we are as Haitians, what we are capable of, and what we can accomplish. It’s time to stand united against prejudice and cruelty. It’s time to embrace each other, be loyal to each other and celebrate each other for being who we are. We are strong, intelligent, resourceful and beautiful people, let’s show the world.