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Meet my personal stylist Cindy Lafalaise AKA Priiincesss


I always have a problem finding the right clothes to wear, the right accessories, the right shoes, and don’t even get me started with colors or what goes with what. It’s always been one of my challenges so instead I made a deal with my older sister, at the beginning she would shop for me and I would do all the house chores. It was good until she decided not to do it anymore because “It was about time that I did my own shopping” she said. With my busy schedule, and my lack of fashion sense I knew I needed to get a personal stylist but how much would it cost me?
Then I met Cindy Lafalaise best known as Priiincesss. She is the face and creator of Priiincesss, an online fashion boutique. Cindy has a passion for fashion and it shows with every single piece, her selections are fun and elegant at the same time. For someone like myself, I like to dress professional but at the same time; I want something sexy and trendy, something that not too many people already have but most importantly at a very reasonable price.
Even though her boutique Priiincesss is online but if you are local (Atlanta GA), she would go to you with selected pieces based on your likes or the occasion you are shopping for and advise you accordingly.
What makes Cindy and her boutique different from everyone else is that Cindy loves people, she is high spirited, full of energy, and she has a great personality. Her selections are fun, colorful, elegant and unique so whoever you are or the occasion you are shopping for, you will find something in her boutique just for you.
As an author and entrepreneur, I do a lot of public appearances so I always have to look my best and Cindy understands that. Her first pick for me for my book signing at the Radio Continentale 11th anniversary celebration in ATL was a big hit, it was not something that I would normally wear but she knew that particular piece would be great for the occasion. I trusted her and she was right, not only I got a lot of compliments on the dress but also I felt good wearing it. Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive with a fancy brand name on the tag, it just have to be unique to your style and match your personality. Sometimes you may not know what that is but Cindy will help you to find it, besides you are a PRIIINCESSS you can rock anything.
If you are like myself with a very busy schedule and no fashion sense or just want something different and affordable then Cindy should be your personal stylist and Priiincesss should be your only online boutique.

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Connect with her

Facebook: Priiincesss Clothing
Instagram: iampriiincesss
Twitter: Priiincesss
FB Group: Atlanta Haitian Fashionistas


Mother’s Day Gift Guide Under $50

Mother's Day Gift Guide Under $50.

It’s Shopping Time


This weekend is the perfect weekend to shop online not only because of the bad weather but also it’s the weekend for friends and family discount from some of your favorite stores like Kate Spade, Lord & Taylor, Victoria’s Secret and Macys just to name a few. So put everything down and let’s go shopping, Oh wait I almost forgot to tell you, “you also get free shipping and CASHBACK”.. wow.

Kate Spade: Enjoy 25% OFF your entire order Friday April 12 and Saturday, April 13. Enter the code: S13FFUS. Free shipping and also get 5% CASHBACK on your entire order

Lord&Taylor: Enjoy 25% OFF on almost everything and 10% on cosmetics and fragrances, FREE SHIPPING and also 3% CASHBACK on your entire order. Just enter the code” FRIENDS” at checkout.

Victoriasecret: And of course what’s a rainy weekend without some Victoria’s Secret: on top of 30 to 60 % off clearance items, you can also take $15-$75 off your qualified purchase, and FREE SHIPPING ON $50 clothing PURCHASE. You can get 2% CASHBACK on your total purchase. Enter codes: STYLE50 and SPRING13

For more stores and HOT DEALS of the weekend, please click here

Have a blessed weekend and Happy shopping