Life Simple Pleasures

1-backyard butterflies 10-12 091 Life Simple Pleasures

1. Long stimulating conversation with a stranger
2. A morning walk on the beach
3. Helping someone in need
4. An “I miss you” call at 3 Am from someone I love
5. An unexpected text from an old friend
6. Eating ice cream for breakfast
7. Spending a weekend watching suspense mystery movies
8. Shopping online with coupons
9. Watching my cashback grows from shopping online
10. The smell of old books
11. Reading a good book
12. Watching the snow falling on the ground
13. Stay up all night talking
14. Give compliments to a complete stranger
15. The view of the lake surrounds by trees
16. Listening to Il Divo and Frank Senatra after a long day
17. Looking at old photographs over a glass of wine
18. Finish someone else’s sentence
19. Sneak up on my sister when she is home alone
20. Randomly open the bible in Psalm 46
21. Collecting exotic gemstones
22. A walk in a Rose Garden
23. Laughing so hard my head hurts
24. The smell of peach candle burning
25. Getting free things online
26. A video call from my best friend early in the morning
27. Make eye contact with a really hot guy
28. Having the courage to move on after a break up
29. A 5 minutes “I never want to let you go” hug from someone I love
30. Eating everything shrimp for a week
31. A sincere complement
32. Kiss in the rain
33. Falling in love
34. The smell of coffee
35. Receive flowers at work for “Just because” Day
36. Butterflies, butterflies and more butterflies.


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