Myrlande E. Sauveur 7 helpful tips for aspiring writers

7 helpful tips for aspiring writers

7 helpful tips for aspiring writers

A lot of people dream of becoming a writer but only a few has the discipline to write and the courage to expose their writings. Whether it’s the fear of rejection or exposing too much of themselves to the world, something always seem to be on the way to keep them from accomplishing that goal. Here are 7 helpful tips to help take your writing to the next level.
1. Write, Write and write some more: Use a daily journal, write about anything and everything. Practice makes perfect, the more you write, the better you will get at it. Invest time in your writing and it will pay off in the long run, remember writing is a process.
2. Read: Finding the time to read can be challenging especially if you are living a busy lifestyle but you must make the time to read. “Reading allows the brilliance of the best to rub off on your thinking” Robin Sharma
3. Join a writer’s group: Whether it’s online or local, joining a writer’s group will be good for you because not only you will be among likeminded people but also you will get honest feedbacks on your work.
4. Find your own voice and style: it’s good to learn from the best writers past and present in the world but it’s crucial that you find your own voice and develop your own style of writing that is just YOU, something that shows your personality and your uniqueness.
5. Get a mentor: A mentor will help you stay focus when you tend to be distracted. He/she will tell you about his/her mistakes and help you to avoid the same. He/she will inspire you, encourage you to keep going and stay focus when things seem impossible. You cannot reach your full potential without any guidance from someone who have been there and done that.
6. Don’t be afraid of criticism and rejections: As a writer, you should never be afraid of criticism and rejections because no matter how good you are, you will always experience them. The best thing you can do is to receive them graceful, learn from them, and don’t let them distract you or get you off track. “The final proof of greatness lies in being able to endure criticism without resentment”. Elbert Hubbard
7. Teach what you have learned: the best way to sharpen your skills as a writer is to teach others how to write. The more you teach, the more your understanding on the subject will deepen. As they always say: “teachers learn the most”.
Happy Writing!

Naturally Seductive

naturally seductive

She walks into the room, all heads turn her direction
Nothing special she does, it’s just a natural reaction
She can sway her way into one’s heart without even trying
She was created to be naturally captivating

When she opens her mouth, she speaks with eloquence
The sweetness in her voice brings comfort to existence.
Through Her enchanting eyes, hide the key to her soul,
A soul full of love and compassion that cannot be stole;

Her way of thinking and passion for life makes her unique,
Her creativity and her sense of being make her angelic.
She is beautifully strong and sensitive in her own way,
The world may be against her but she is not to dismay.

Everything about her is as beautiful as the morning dawn,
In a summer day before the flowers are all gone?
Her smile is so seductive, it hypnotizes people,
Her confidence and faith make her stable,
As she is naturally seductive.

Forbidden Love


There is no foolishness in loving you
Though you are not mine to begin with
But in my heart there is a myth
Forever I will be with you

My love for you is growing stronger each day
Naturally, and profoundly, it will stay
Nothing I can do but longing after you
For my love for you is more of value

In the night I long for your touch,
Wishing your kisses will put me to sleep
For a love so strong and so deep
I pray that it’s not a debauch

I know your heart is already taken
But my love for you cannot be shaken
In silent I will stay, loving you from a distance
For my heart belongs to you with no reluctance


She walks with confidence and dignity,
Like she’s never done before
With her head up high to show her authenticity
And proclaim to the world she’s been restored

Her glinting eyes tell her story,
Story of her ultimate survival and triumph
and her smile confirms it all in its glory
with grace and pleasance.

For the first time, she speaks with hope
This never has been done before,
Every steps she takes is to move forward
And as of now, she is in control.

The woman she was yesterday no longer exist
She buried the pain with the past;
Anew she is thankful for her existence
As she is taking the world in her grasp.

After Sunset


Passionately she whispered his name for another time
While watching the sunset reflected in his eyes
She was lost in the moment, overtaken by surprise
Wishing he would be there for bedtime

The night she longed for was just under the horizon
Her eyes lighten with passion, as the sun goes down
She was fallen deeper and deeper into him for some reason
As the beauty of the night dances in town

Tenderly she reached out for his hand,
While contemplating the beauty of nature firsthand
Passionately she kissed his lips under the moonlight
So soft, so sweet, it was unexpected delight

She never expected such intimacy after sunset
It felt right since it was not an insidious onset
The love, the laughter and the passion she shared
Was nothing but exciting, pure and desired.

Forever In My Heart


Laying here in the dark thinking of you
Having your picture stuck on my head
From the last time that I saw you
Wishing I could have you instead.

Engraved is your name in my heart,
Where no one will ever be able to discover;
The part of you that makes me shiver
To the point I lose my safety guard

You have completely changed my life,
In the most profound and innovative ways
With you, my heart feels alive,
And secure to be around always.

You will forever be the man who sees through me
And knows exactly how to make me smile
Even miles away, you make my pain flee
That’s why you will forever be in my heart;



Started with a text in the middle of the night,
Imaginatively her mind wondered in delight
To all the places it shouldn’t have been,
But of course nothing apparently obscene;

She is falling in love with his mind
His use of words makes her passionately blind.
Nothing matters to her now,
But to be close to him somehow;

Playing back the message in her head,
Trying not to forget any single word he said.
Even though she can’t see the expression on his face
But through his words, she feels an embrace

He is a teaser and she is loving every second of it
Even though she doesn’t want to admit,
However they would make a great pair
In this unusual love affair



If I didn’t know God’s power
Now I do by talking to you for the last hour
A creature so splendid, so magnificent
He made you with love and efficient

You are physically sculpted as the perfect statue
Mentally equipped with everything of value
Spiritually grounded in the heart,
Not to be a robot but a fine work of art.

You are the object of one’s dreams
The fire in one’s heart that gleams
The raindrop on a dry ground
For God has made you profound

You are exceptional in fine quality
Distinguished as you speak with modesty
Daring as you face the unknown of tomorrow
For God already paved the way for you to follow.

Your Smile


The first time I saw you
I was enraptured by your smile
So captivating, so delightful
I got lost for a moment

So beautiful, so sincere, it touches my heart
So bright, so pure, it reinforces my self-esteem.
So colorful, so unique, it incites me
So splendid, so magnificent, it awes me.

So warm, so inviting, it opens the door to my heart
So refreshing, so appealing, it makes me feel special
So carefree, so cheerful, it makes me feel at ease
So promising, so forgiving, it makes me feel loved

Your smile brings sunshine into my life
And beauty into my world;
In your smile there is togetherness,
Strength and comfort.

We Only Have Today


Today I am loving you forever
I am spending every second showing you how much you mean to me
How you change my life and make me a better person.
Today I am going to make you feel like there is no tomorrow,
No interruption, put everything on hold, today is for us.
We only have today to make up for lost times;
The world is not stopping for us, nothing matters but our love.
The birds are singing our song, come dance with me my love!
Whisper in my ear, how much you love me and our lives together,
Just for today, forget everything, let’s get lost in each other’s eyes.
We only have today, no tomorrow to make plans for.
Let us make the absolute best of it;
Let us stay in bed all day, making love to each other.
We only have today to fulfill each other’s deepest secret desires;
Come my love; tell me what you’re longing for!
Let us stay wrap in each other’s arms all day and never let go.
Our hearts are pounding fast and loud, can you hear them my love!
I am trembling and about to lose my balance, please catch me.
I want to stay with you here forever for just today.
We only have today, so my love let’s make every second count…