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Praises for Daily Spiritual Vitamins And Minerals For Your Soul

Anne Jecrois from New Haven, CT wrote: “How often in our spiritual journey do we feel that we are alone or not loved enough or that we have waited too long for a positive outcome in our life? Better yet, how often do we question God’s purpose and plans for our lives? The Daily Spiritual Vitamins and Minerals for your Soul… is a perfect book for daily devotions as a way to communicate with God, strengthen our relationship with him as well as to boost our spiritual life with the vitamins and minerals intended to help us combat our emotional wounds and our quest toward understanding our spiritual life through God `s prism, his Words”.

Theresa Marsan from Norwalk, CT: “Daily Spiritual Vitamins and Minerals for Your Soul is a way to feed your mind and soul everyday to bring good things to you. Just like we take care of our bodies this book will teach you how to take care of your soul and mind. Daily readings to help guide your soul and for you to ponder your thoughts and feelings. Reading the passages each day will help bring positive thoughts to you making your life more positive and joyful. I love reading them and enjoy the prayers and insight it has brought to my life”.

I love it by SteeveC from GA: “This book is a life changing book. It challenges me to stay in touch with my heavenly Father in a daily basis which grow in faith, in my knowledge of Him and deepen my relationship with Him. It’s awesome”.

Uplifting and Refreshing by Faithful Child, CT: “This book is very uplifting and refreshing. The way the author talks about her struggles with loneliness, depression and finding herself in this world is just inspirational, not too many people will have the courage to do so. How the bible verses and the prayers entwine with the monthly meditation is beautiful. We all can learn from other people’s life experience and see the power of God through other people and for the short time, I started reading this book, I feel that. Everyone can benefit from this book, because it’s a daily reminder of God’s love, and faithfulness towards us. I highly recommend this book to everyone”.

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