Naturally Seductive

naturally seductive

She walks into the room, all heads turn her direction
Nothing special she does, it’s just a natural reaction
She can sway her way into one’s heart without even trying
She was created to be naturally captivating

When she opens her mouth, she speaks with eloquence
The sweetness in her voice brings comfort to existence.
Through Her enchanting eyes, hide the key to her soul,
A soul full of love and compassion that cannot be stole;

Her way of thinking and passion for life makes her unique,
Her creativity and her sense of being make her angelic.
She is beautifully strong and sensitive in her own way,
The world may be against her but she is not to dismay.

Everything about her is as beautiful as the morning dawn,
In a summer day before the flowers are all gone?
Her smile is so seductive, it hypnotizes people,
Her confidence and faith make her stable,
As she is naturally seductive.


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