How big are your dreams?


I am here in Greensboro,  NC at the 2013 Market America International Convention #MAIC2013. In the Collesium there is over 20,000 people different ages,  different social circles, different background, from all over the world unite in one place to learn about how they can create their own economy. Some of these people travel from very far to be here, some others bring their small children with them and some others are physically challenged so why are they here one might ask?
Well the answer is simple ” they have big dreams and they understand that Market America provides all the tools they can use to realize their dreams”.
It reminded me of something my mentor said to me once “Myrlande if you want to be successful in life, your dreams have to be big enough to kick you out of your comfort zone, you  must be willing to do what needs to be done without making excuses and you have to believe that you deserve it”.
Big dreams are all good but are you taking massive actions to make them come true?  What are you willing to sacrifice to accomplish your goals? If you are not ready and willing to let your dreams kick you out of your comfort zone then you will always be where you are right now.
God put you on this earth for a reason and He equipped you with all the necessary tools to reach your full potential so don’t waste them,  dream big, take massive actions and leave the rest to God. All things are possible for those who believe,  believe in God, in yourself and those around you. 
Have a great weekend. 


2 thoughts on “How big are your dreams?

  1. True, Greatness is only for people who can take great risks and steps of faith to realize their dreams despite their staggering problems…

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