Contributor to “50 Seeds of Greatness” by Germaine Moody


I had the privilege to be included in “50 Seeds of Greatness” by Germaine Moody, the largest global collaboration on any book ever.
AUTHORS: Germaine Moody, and Myrlande E. Sauveur

DESCRIPTION: In his revolutionary, historic and worldwide record-setting new book “50 Seeds of Greatness”, Germaine Moody examines the power within us all to experience greatness and to become an endless asset to the world. He selects 50 seeds or topics such as “Timing”, “Preparation”, “Opportunity”, “Dream”, Sacrifice”, “Dominion”, “Listen With Golden Ears”, “Success”, “Inspiration” and many more, sharing how our lives, likened to seeds, can produce an abundance of whatever we desire, while also leaving a legacy of our presence on Earth. This monumental, historic and global collaboration also includes hundreds of business professionals, including myself, from over 100 countries who individually answers the question “What does greatness mean to me?” Learn more at


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