If I didn’t know God’s power
Now I do by talking to you for the last hour
A creature so splendid, so magnificent
He made you with love and efficient

You are physically sculpted as the perfect statue
Mentally equipped with everything of value
Spiritually grounded in the heart,
Not to be a robot but a fine work of art.

You are the object of one’s dreams
The fire in one’s heart that gleams
The raindrop on a dry ground
For God has made you profound

You are exceptional in fine quality
Distinguished as you speak with modesty
Daring as you face the unknown of tomorrow
For God already paved the way for you to follow.


2 thoughts on “You

  1. He made you with love and efficient
    ” The reason why I comment this poem as a lover poetry that I am is because for the sake that God has for each single person this the same love descendent that I feel invade into my heart for you .
    Thanks to your poem I recognize how much is true when I am stuck on a woman.

    Your thoughts are right and add in my mind spiritually vitamins as human.

    I won’t be hopelss because i will meet you soon.
    God’splan is to lead you and me on the same destiny path in moon.

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