We Only Have Today


Today I am loving you forever
I am spending every second showing you how much you mean to me
How you change my life and make me a better person.
Today I am going to make you feel like there is no tomorrow,
No interruption, put everything on hold, today is for us.
We only have today to make up for lost times;
The world is not stopping for us, nothing matters but our love.
The birds are singing our song, come dance with me my love!
Whisper in my ear, how much you love me and our lives together,
Just for today, forget everything, let’s get lost in each other’s eyes.
We only have today, no tomorrow to make plans for.
Let us make the absolute best of it;
Let us stay in bed all day, making love to each other.
We only have today to fulfill each other’s deepest secret desires;
Come my love; tell me what you’re longing for!
Let us stay wrap in each other’s arms all day and never let go.
Our hearts are pounding fast and loud, can you hear them my love!
I am trembling and about to lose my balance, please catch me.
I want to stay with you here forever for just today.
We only have today, so my love let’s make every second count…


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